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We give your child personal attention & an individual learning plan to inculcate the motivation for knowledge

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Stars for Special Abilities

Stars for Special Abilities is home to a team of experts in the field of Speech, Occupational Therapy, Psychomotor Therapy, Special Education, ABA, Psychology and Other Services. We’ve been a leader in assessment, diagnosis, care coordination, family support and education for children with difficulties.

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Stars for Special Abilities & Early Intervention offer all specialized multidisciplinary services to support every child with learning difficulties to reach their full potential and accomplish a successful Inclusion.

Mother of Rose

When my daughter was diagnosed with Selective Mutism, she was 4 years old. Apart from parents and grand parents, she was not talking to anyone. First, I thought it’s just shyness and it will disappear by time. When I took her to Stars, the Psychologist educated me more about this disorder and we put together a clear therapy plan. The therapy journey was long and emotional but we were certain that we are on the right track as my daughter started talking to people outside our family circle and gained more self confidence. This school year my daughter filled our heart with pride when told us “I beat the fear monster inside me”. Moreover, she started blooming in class with her comments and active participation. I can say that my daughter has been cured from Selective Mutism disorder. She is a talkative and social kid and that’s all due to the successful therapy plan

Mother of Aliyah, JLB

My daughter was diagnosed with Autism and other disorders when she was 3 years old. She has been receiving therapies (Speech, ABA and OT) from Stars for Special Abilities for 4 years now and we can see a lot of difference in her personality and behavior. She has also flourished a lot from being non-verbal to a very talkative girl. We also hired my daughter a qualified and well-trained Shadow Teacher / Learning Support Assistant (LSA) at Stars which saved my family from a lot of heartaches and headaches. My daughter’s therapists, LSA and the we, the parents are working hand in hand to achieve my daughter’s progress

Mother of H

My son is 6 years old and into the Spectrum. We have been visiting Stars since last 3 years. We have seen tremendous improvement in speech, body awareness and coordination. The Occupational therapist is very empathetic and understanding towards my son’s needs and works diligently for his progress. I would highly recommend Stars Center.

Father of A

It was a great experience to deal with Stars for both of us as parents and also my son A. We discuss with the Speech and Language Therapist who was eager to support and attentive to details. At the end, the educational targets were achieved, and we really recommend to deal with the center.

Mother of Moeez

I would like to thank the entire team at Stars for being very dedicated towards helping Moeez overcome his challenges. There has been tremendous improvement in him in a very short time. All thanks to the hard work put in by Stars team who are so loving. Yes, timely miracles do happen .. At Stars!

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