Speech and Language

The speech-language therapy department at Stars is dedicated to providing the highest quality speech, language, and communication services within a fun learning environment. We believe in the importance of working collaboratively with families to ensure their children learn and progress to their fullest communicative potential. We offer comprehensive assessments and individual therapy sessions for individuals with speech, language, and communication disorders.

Your child will benefit from speech-language intervention if they present with any of the following:

  • Unclear speech or stuttering/stammering
  • Hoarse or unusual voice quality
  • Difficulties finding words or putting sentences together
  • Reliance on gestures and physical actions to communicate
  • Is less verbal than other children his/her age
  • Frustration due to communication difficulties
  • Difficulties paying attention or listening to others
  • Difficulties understanding others and following instructions
  • Difficulties organizing thoughts into words or writing
  • Difficulties with reading comprehension
  • Difficulties remembering sounds and words for reading and writing
  • Difficulties making friends and mixing socially
  • Feeding issues such as difficulties sucking, chewing and swallowing

Speech and Language Intervention Programmes include:

  • Lindamood-Bell Visualizing & Verbalizing®, Seeing Stars®, Talkies®, LiPs®
  • Makaton Sign Language **English and Arabic
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • PROMPT for speech production disorders
  • Cued Articulation
  • Earobics